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    We work with the best contractors that specialise in carpentry and masonry, who are able to build, fabricate and frame restructures you want for your spaces.


    Every single space should be used appropriately. We’re great at planning how each space works as we have a lot of experience with various types of layouts.


    We create technical drawings that will help you and the contractors understand what needs to be done. This also helps to ensure that building standards are met.


    Want to know how your space will look like after completion? We provide 3D rendering services to give you an idea of what the final look will be like.


    We don’t want any of our clients to feel stressed about ongoing renovation works. We help you manage your project from start to end so you can take it easy.


    If you’re unsure of the final look that you want to achieve, we can guide and advise you on different styles and concepts you can choose from.

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Site Inspection – Pasir Ris, Singapore

Typical day – Commercial Job Site


Planning To Buy A New Place?

This is not for you if you have 30-50k to spend or are willing to take up a loan for that amount.

I am offering my service to future homeowners to have a look at their future houses, mainly resale flats that they are planning to buy.

I will look at the existing condition and advise you how much the renovation costs will go up to.

More importantly, I will be your sounding board when the selling price is being negotiated; as I would have turned the house inside out for points that you will bargain for.

Why am I doing this?

I keep going to houses that were just bought, in terrible condition. I uncovered what was supposed to be uncovered before they decided to buy those flats.

Please don’t get me wrong. If you have 30-50k to spare, you do not need me. Only if you are on a tight budget and have to work within your restricted finances do you decide to have me come along.

Book a consultation now and learn more about how much I charge for this service. Don’t worry, it’s more affordable than making a mistake.

P.S. You are not obligated to engage my services after the consultation. Consultation service is open for all types of spaces.


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